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This is the second time that my post replying to Prokopetz was labelled "discourse". I thought it was just two people mostly agreeing with each other! Like you said, it was just a sort of personal manifesto for a specific kind of designer and the baked-in assumption was that it didn't apply to the majority of designers.

I agree with what you said about the twin impulses of worldbuilding in RPGs. I also indulge (suffer from?) both impulses. I'm a big fan of the Malazan books because they do this twin thing of serving up endless sparkling lore as well as slapping me across the face every time I try to catalogue and taxiderm-ify it. I think if I ever wrote a big tome of lore, I would do that - write lore with an unreliable narrator, offering the exhaustive survey while slapping it out of your hand at the same time.

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